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Cornerstone Collaboration
for Societal Change

Our mission is to catalyze and accelerate a change in society by humanizing individual behaviors and societal systems. This change can enable people to thrive and society to flourish.

About Us.

Our goal is to drive change toward a society where human values have a powerful, practical influence over every aspect of our daily lives. We believe we have become increasingly disconnected from our own humanity, our interconnectedness, and the natural world in which we live. This is creating a culture of fear, scarcity, and suffering. We believe this needs to change, that it can change, and that this can enable people to thrive and society to flourish.

We are working to accomplish this in 3 ways.

1. By prioritizing human values (compassion, equity, honesty, and trust) and creating humanizing experiences individually and in systems.

2. By applying the principles of system change to specific societal systems, starting with the system of health and well-being.

3. By harnessing and integrating independent, like-minded efforts.

The time is now.